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MyPath Money is a web app designed to help youth entering the workforce practice and achieve greater financial capability.

The MyPath Money web app includes interactive modules that help users set a savings goal, input and track their spending habits, set a budget, and pinpoint areas in their budget where they can save money to achieve their savings goal. Youth can enter and complete these modules at their own pace, or alongside other youth in an in-person cohort.

Cohort leaders are able to add youth to their group, and then view their progress through the app through a custom designed admin experience to make sure they can help them if they get stuck, and distribute incentives to those that finish all 5 modules.

The original MyPath Money application was first developed in 2010. The team wanted a design refresh that would better connect with their user’s tastes and work great across all kinds of devices. I redesigned the app from the ground up, starting with reconfiguring the information architecture and UX based on years of feedback from the existing application, and finishing with a fresh, responsive UI that felt more youthful.

Front End Development

After finishing the redesign of the app and documenting the UX and functionality requirements for the back end developers, I set to work coding the fully responsive front end using SASS, Bootstrap, and vue.js.


The result of this financial education app design is that thousands of youth in cohorts across the US have completed all five modules, leading to a more familiar relationship with, and practical understanding of how to use money as a tool for positive change in their lives.

What I did

UX Design
UI Design
Information Architecture
Clickable Prototyping
Creative Direction
Front End Development
Strategy Workshop Facilitator

add new expense
classify expenses
Savings Goal