Some Things I Do Here

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Design Documentation
  • Design Strategy
  • Design Libraries
  • Human Centered Design Facilitation
  • Custom WordPress Website Design & Development
  • Branding Design



  • 2010 – Started in the world of web design creating WordPress sites for local organizations
  • 2012 – 2022 – Worked as a designer and creative director at CauseLabs, a B-Corp focused on creating digital solutions for social impact organizations around the world
  • 2022 – Launched into my own design contracting career to serve organizations that I believe in


Broadly speaking: To provide digital design services to organizations that I believe in to help them make make a more meaningful impact on the world.

What happens if we all come to the place where we are meant to be, doing what we are great at and what we believe in?

I believe in you.

I want to hear your dreams and visions and help you create something that can allow you to realize them.


I value relationship, not the bottom line.
When I look around the room, I see so many web agencies frantic to meet their ever expanding financial goals. Herding clients down a narrow path in order to get to the next one. Nuance, individuality, creativity, humanity and relationship are sacrificed at the alter of efficiency.

I put relationships at the heart of everything I do. I will not jettison your project, hurry you through a rigid process, or back you into an inflexible corner. Your project will unfold as our relationship unfolds, and will keep getting better over time. I am here to serve you, not my bottom line.

I'd love to be part of your journey. Let's talk.