LEGO Friends Art Maker


LEGO® Friends Art Maker is a fun and colorful art and creativity app for kids. Create, paint, decorate and save your own artwork with lots of details, colors, sparkles, stickers and bling!

I came aboard midstream in this project with LEGO to help manage junior designers and to get the app across the finish line.

During the creation process, I found that this really app needed another level of polish in order for the gamification layer we were working on to shine. It was difficult to get the developers and stakeholders on the same page as the creative team using text to communicate my vision for complex interactions.

So, I took it upon myself to learn Adobe After Effects as a way of getting the creative vision out of my head and into a space where the broader team could visualize and collaborate on it. Through my newfound skills, I was able to visualize concepts for success animations, unlock animations, completion reward animations, and loading animations, to name a few. This process allowed us to refine and polish the app to a new level of perfection.

The Results

LEGO Friends Art Maker has an average rating of 4+ on both Android and iOS stores with millions of downloads and tens of millions of creations made.

What I did

UX Design
UI Design
Creative Direction
Development Support
Interactive Prototypes