Finventure is a web app that is designed to help people improve their financial capability through hands-on practice.

Financial capability is the ability to manage money well – both day-to-day and through significant life events like having a baby, getting divorced or moving to a new city. As financial capability is bolstered, the ability for an individual to use money as a tool to improve their life increases.

The Finventure web app uses interactive modules to help its users increase their financial capability. The people using the app get to practice what they have learned through quizzes, spending and savings challenges, and daily photo challenges.

The bones of this complex application design was handed to me from another team and I was able to take it across the finish line. My work included filling in necessary details like:

  • Login and password reset flows
  • Empty and incomplete states for UI elements
  • Interstitial screens
  • Incentive structures and supporting functionality
  • A light-weight custom content management system
  • Clickable prototypes
  • White-label project admin for multiple instances of the app in different languages
  • Detailed design documentation to help hand off the project to the development team for implementation

The result is a tight experience that many financial institutions across the globe are incorporating into their initiatives to help their customers who are looking to improve their financial capability.

What I did

Creative Direction
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Clickable Prototypes
Design Documentation

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img-dashboard (public transport)@2x