– Faith Comes By Hearing is an iOS, Android, and responsive web app designed to let users read, listen to, and watch videos of the Bible in over 1200 languages around the world. With over 32 million users, it is one of the most used Bible applications ever.

Designing for iOS and Android

While leading the design of the app between 2012 and 2014, I oversaw the release of many updates and new features to the iOS, Android and web apps. I worked with lead developers for each platform to ensure the app felt like a cohesive experience across all platforms, while embracing the patterns and functions that made the platforms unique.

Usability Testing

Maintaining and supporting an app used in 1200 languages is no small task. Each tweak and update that we released ran the risk of alienating users of any given demographic on the planet. In addition to the regular product cycle of build, measure, and learn, the team incorporated usability testing into our process.

While we didn’t have capacity to run usability testing on a very wide range of users, we still uncovered plenty of issues in our thinking through usability testing sessions and were able to pivot the design or new feature to increase usability of the final release. The result of all our hard work is an app that hasn’t had a major update in years that still carries a 5 star rating on the iOS and Android stores.

Smart TV

With successful releases of mobile and web apps, we decided to bring the experience to this (brand new at the time) platform. The hope was that this technology might one day offer new inroads to unreached communities across the world, and the team is always up for new challenges.

I spent several months researching TV application design best practices and then using some HTML and CSS skills to help to develop the experience. We successfully launched the Smart TV app on Samsung Smart TV, ROKU, and Amazon Fire TV.

What I did

Product Lead
UX Design
UI Design
Front End Development
Usability Testing
Information Architecture
Clickable Prototyping
Dev Implementation Support
Print Design